Consumer products that have been returned, expired, recalled or off-spec require special handling. Whether these products are pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, beverages, or manufactured consumer goods, proper disposal requires the expertise of an environmental services expert.

Bin It Services Ltd offers depackaging and disposal services to manufacturers nationwide.


Our services include:

  • Inventorying and documenting the content and volume of returned, expired, or off-spec products slated for disposal.
  • Segregating hazardous from non-hazardous materials.
  • Transportation and disposal of returned, expired, or off-spec consumer goods to appropriate secure Waste Management landfills or incineration facilities.
  • Shredding materials that contain copyrighted materials, trade secrets, or labeling/packing information you need to destroy in the interest of corporate security.
  • Generating proof-of-destruction documentation as required by law.
  • Filing of all necessary documentation with the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Whatever your product line, look to Bin It Services Ltd for consumer product depackaging and disposal services that are safe, secure and fully compliant with all state regulations.