In accordance with the law electronic wastemay not be disposed of in the trash.The goal of this program is to keep toxic material out of Kiteezi Landfill. Computer monitors and TVs with CRTs contain 5-8 lbs of lead as well as mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals and chemicals. Hazardous materials collected are disposed of safely.

E-Waste Drop-off

The gazetted landfill for hazardous waste is located in Luwero industries ltd,Nakasongola.


The following types of electronic items are accepted for disposal :

  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitors, Computer Monitors and TVs
  • Computers, hard drives, laptop computers, and circuit boards
  • Computer peripherals, cables, and consumer electronics

We are licensed by NEMA which thoroughly screens the e-waste transportersto ensure that they comply with the best environmental practices.